Untitled Side Project (now known as 'Hierarchy')

Archived progress reports are below.

As at 09/2019

I'm archiving this section for posterity, but this project has now become 'Hierarchy' - my next book series. Look for future updates under that heading!

As at 03/2017

A brief update after 2+ years(!): I continue to dabble with this on-and-off outside of work hours, and am increasingly confident it will be my next major project after the Licanius Trilogy. I'm still very enthusiastic about it, but I'm also aware that - completely understandably - the vast majority of people prefer that I focus on finishing the series that's already in print. So expect to see more information on this in 2018, once Licanius is complete.

As at 11/2014

Wrote two short scenes, more as a worldbuilding exercise than anything I intend to include in the final product. No news otherwise. I'm increasingly looking at this story as something I might tackle in more detail once AEOTTC has gone out to beta readers, so there may be no further updates on it for a while.

As at 10/2014

Streamlined the magic system, removing a series of overly complicated rules that weren't adding much to the story. Wrote a short scene to see how the revamped magic worked in action (pretty well, it turns out). For the most part, though, still focusing heavily on AEOTTC.

As at 09/2014

Aside from a few minor adjustments to the outline, there's nothing new to report on this project.

As at 08/2014

Away from AEOTTC, I'm working on a second, as-yet-untitled book. It's set in an entirely new world, is slightly different in style and - probably - will end up being shorter than the Licanius Trilogy books. I'm only working on this project when I need some space from AEOTTC (i.e. Licanius Book 2 is still getting the vast majority of my time and focus).

Currently, the full outline and prologue of this story are complete. I also have about 60k words of a now-abandoned experimental draft, which was written primarily to help me nail down the mechanics of the world and the magic system. The plot and concepts are shaping up well, but I don't expect this book to be out before AEOTTC.