Progress updates for James' books can be found below, which are updated approximately once per month. To be e-mailed about release information for upcoming books, please click here.

Hierarchy, Book 1 - The Will of the Many

As at 10/2019

My new project! Beyond the title, and the fact I'm now working on it, there's not much I want to say at this point. It's set in a new world, and will very likely be another trilogy (but I'm being smarter this time and not locking myself in by putting that in the name, just in case). Once Licanius #3 is out, I'll start updating in more detail with word count progress, estimated time to completion, etc. So look for more information here in January!

The Licanius Trilogy, Book 3 - The Light of All That Falls

As at 09/2019

Complete! Due to be released December 10, 2019. Archived updates can be found here.

The Licanius Trilogy, Book 2 - An Echo of Things To Come

As at 03/2017

Complete! Released August 22, 2017. Archived updates can be found here.

Untitled Side Project

As at 09/2019

Is now my main project, 'Hierarchy' - look for any significant updates under that heading. Archived this section for posterity here.

Other Projects

As at 10/2019

I have two (currently) smaller projects that I'm occasionally working on in my spare time - one in the world of Licanius, the other in an entirely new setting. The Hierarchy series is now my main focus, though. I'll update here if/when any of these shorter stories reach a publishable state.